SiestaMy grandfather immigrated to the United States from Spain in 1917. I remind everyone of this when I recline in my office for a much-needed afternoon nap, the Siesta. For me it is hereditary, that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

But now, the very existence of the Siesta is in jeopardy. With Spain in an economic crisis, the government is now taking seriously a push to end the afternoon two-hour lunch and nap, in an effort to make the country more productive.

Productivity NapsIn a recent New York Times article, Ignacio Buqueras, an outspoken advocate of eliminating the Siesta states, “Spain has to break the bad habits it has accumulated over the past 40 or 50 years.” This is followed by comments from a working mom and Lawyer, Paula Del Pino, “Spanish society is still old-fashioned. The ones who rule are old-fashioned, and here, they like it like it is.”

Wow, I think I have said those exact words about higher education! If Spain actually jettisons the Siesta, there might be hope for change in higher education. Until then, I need a nap. Wake me up if there is any change.