Mark Sarver, Ph.D.

Meet Mark Sarver, Ph.D.

Down-to-Earth, Leader and Team-building Innovation Engineer

Mark has served in many capacities in higher education and is currently the CEO of eduKan, an online education consortium for six western community colleges in Kansas. Mark is a hands-on innovator who practices what he preaches and has made eduKan an innovation leader in several areas.

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Here are some projects that Mark has been the innovation architect for at eduKan, find out more about what he’s been doing lately:

Going Digital

The Internet is online and students who are taking online courses, don’t want to go to bookstores and buy books. Administrators don’t want students to drop courses because they can’t find books or bought the wrong book. Mark worked with Pearson to offer digitally embedded content, online with their course offerings so students can drastically reduce costs spent for textbooks and pay a reasonable access fee for use of this add-on media. Now students get the right book for the right course with Project Aristotle.

Analytics with Project Aristotle

Mark is also an analytics guy, he knows that there is gold in data and for higher education and the future of those who seek a degree. It’s not just about having online education available, it’s about student engagement, and staying ahead of a student who may not be grasping the content. The analytics are a window into performance of a course from assessment to student success and is available to the instructors and administration at eduKan. This data helps eduKan keep content relevant and engaging and ensures that the quality of education they are providing is at the highest level possible.

Dr. Sarver and eduKan Consortium were recognized with the 2012 Institutional Achievement Award from the National University Technology Network. 

Academic Integrity – 1st Higher Ed Institution to Implement

First to pilot and deploy system-wide a biometric signature technology by BioSig-ID for online identity proofing and ensuring academic integrity is maintained at the highest level enabling them to proactively manage and eliminate cheating online. Additional benefits to the institution was the reduction of onsite proctoring operational expenses by 80% paying for the new technology innovation 10-fold.

English as a 2nd Language – First of Its Kind Online

There are many ESL (English as a Second Language) programs out there and they have been serving students globally, but they are also penalizing them. Students have to spend time either in a full-time emersion program to learn English or take additional courses that add one to two years to the time to degree plus fees. With eduKan’s new ESL Associate Degree program students start learning in Spanish and migrate to English over their course work. Learning English while taking their general education courses. This is also all online. Available to students all over the world. (Spanish is the first language and many others are in the works).

Speaking Engagements

Mark has been seen at many higher education conferences recently talking about innovation, technology, analytics and more. He has made it easy for eduKan to not only move forward with these advances and change the game but he’s available to help your institution find the quickest and easiest path to making it happen.

Be Adventurous

Mark has been described as a passionately creative innovator by his consortium colleagues. They have seen how he has returned dividends to their schools when other consortiums are closing down. Mark is not a teacher, he is a doer. Let him help you create a plan that makes innovation happen for your institution. (Click for more about Mark).

“Let’s make a dent in the universe.” — Steve Jobs

To book Mark for your meeting, event or for a innovation session, email or call us at (800) 516-7841.